Advantages and Benefits of EQ (Emotional Intelligence)

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A high EQ (or Emotional Intelligence) benefits every area of your life. For the purpose of this article those areas are broken down into three sections:


After studying two teams (one composed of individuals with high IQs, and one composed of individuals with high EQs) Harvard scientists discovered that EQ was the leading factor in motivation and success. They also concluded the team with higher EQs had better outcomes compared to the team with higher IQs.

Experts and educators alike have discovered that those with higher EQs (compared to those with high IQ) are stronger leaders, better able to solve problems, stay motivated and work together as a team. Employers have notice these studies and have starting to add EQ tests to their hiring processes. Studies have also shown that those with higher EQs make more money compared to those with lower EQs.

Summary: EQ will benefit you in business if you are looking to earn more money, set yourself apart from other prospective candidates and be seen as a leader and motivator.

Intrapersonal Relationships

Even though EQ gained its popularity due to its positive benefits in a business setting, EQ also has great benefits in intrapersonal relationships, aka our relationship with ourself —how well we know ourselves.

Since EQ includes identifying and managing emotions, having a high EQ creates a strong sense of self. Someone with a high EQ develops an inherently stronger intrapersonal relationship and is better able to identify their strengths and weaknesses. They are better able to handle difficult situations, stick to their personal goals and they can avoid acting unfavorably due to their emotions.

Summary: EQ will benefit you in intrapersonally if you are looking to live a more fulfilling life, stay motivated towards your personal goals, increase your confidence and have a strong sense of self.

Interpersonal Relationships

With a higher EQ comes a stronger sense of self that translates into our interpersonal relationships (relationships with others). When we have a clear idea of who we are we are better able to understand and to communicate our wants in a relationship. We are also better able to listen to others in order to understand what they are communicating. Those with higher EQs are empathetic leading to deeper interpersonal connections that begin with listening to connect instead of listening to respond.

Higher EQs lead to stronger relationships and a greater connection with others. It improves the way we connect with others in our personal life which can lead to fulfillment and greater happiness. It can also help us determine if someone is not a good fit for us so we can make room in our lives for those who are.

Summary: EQ will benefit you in interpersonally if you are looking to create more fulfilling and intimate relationships as well as avoid relationships with people who are not a good fit.


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