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(known concept. EQnow definition)

  1. when we accept a thought or belief that limits us.


Limiting beliefs come from external and internal sources. They keep us from reaching our full potential. Internal, limiting beliefs were once given to use externally and have been incorporated into our automatic thoughts and beliefs systems. A limiting believe can be anything from thinking we are not good enough for a promotion, that we can’t win a competition, or that we do not deserve love and kindness. They can effect every aspect of our lives and if we are already not feeling very confident they can completely debilitate any shred of confidence we have.

Limiting beliefs come from external sources, and we could unknowingly be the source of someones else’s limiting belief. While someone may spread a limiting belief maliciously due to not wanting to see someone else succeed, sharing limiting beliefs is usually not malicious. It is a reflection of an internal struggle and a lack of confidence or residual feelings after a failure. Accepting someone else’s limiting believe can be a result of not having confidence in ourselves or in a particular area yet. Since we are typically not so confident in new endeavors it is particularly important to identify and reject limiting beliefs if we are going to follow our passions or create something new.

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