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(known concept. EQnow definition)

  1. the ability to recognize and take an objective view of ones internal dialogue, emotions thoughts and feelings.


Think of self-awareness as a recognition of consciousness. Almost like a higher level of consciousness, or another layer to consciousness. Remember Descartes, “I think, therefore I am.”? Self-awareness adds another level to that. “I think therefore I am” is consciousness. I think, therefore I am, therefore I acknowledge thoughts and feelings is self-awareness. We have 50k-70k thoughts a day, self-awareness acknowledging but not attaching to those thoughts. It is making those thoughts work for us, for our benefit. And it is ditching the ones that are working to our detriment.

With self-awareness we have the ability to recognize and take an objective view of our internal dialogue, emotions, thoughts and feelings. We can do check ins and reflect on our thoughts. We can determine what thoughts we should follow and what thoughts aren’t worthy of our attention. We think more clearly and productively. We can reflect on our feelings and question why we are feeling a certain way or having a certain emotional response. With that we can take appropriate actions to make sure we are being treated fairly. Or make sure we are treating ourselves fairly and not allowing pervious bad experiences to influence the outcome of a current situation.

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