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(known concept. EQnow definition)

  1. taking initiate and continually working towards goals by utilizing an internal drive.


Self-motivation is an important internal drive. It benefits us when we are working towards having a fulfilling life and when we want to accomplish goals and succeed. While we may receive motivation externally from other people, accomplishing goals is typically a solo endeavor and we need to be able to motivate ourselves when others are not around. When working with others to accomplish goals we need to be able to self-motivate in order to be a valuable team member.

Self-motivation is especially important when we are working on a goal that others do not understand or may not be supportive of due to their own limiting beliefs (or other factors). It is easy to get off track and get distracted. When we self-motivate we track our progress towards our goals, we are self-compassionate, we have realistic expectations and we set ourselves up for success.

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