7 Steps to Self-Motivation

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Self-Motivate by Being Results Oriented

Summary: When we are working towards a goal (or on a project that involves a lot of work and moving pieces) it can be difficult to stay motivated. Having a results oriented mindset greatly increases our ability to self-motivate and find success in reaching our goals.

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  1. Set a goal or think of a desired outcome. Take a deep breath. Imagine your life as if you have already obtained that outcome or goal.
  2. Reflect on the ways in which you can obtain your goal or desired outcome. Avoid fast solutions and quick routes — they are usually a bust. Keep in mind that anything worth it typically takes time and work.
  3. Select the most effective and efficient way to obtain your outcome or goal. Remember to keep an open mind and stay flexible, situations and plans may change.
  4. Acknowledge but do not harbor on any daunting or unfavorable pieces that will be needed to obtain the outcome.
  5. Start to work towards your outcome, piece-by-piece; divide and conquer.
  6. If you ever feel demotivated, remind yourself of your desired outcome and how good it will feel once you have obtained it. Remind yourself it will all be worth it. Reflect on how much progress you’ve already made.
  7. Continually keep in mind that we need to rest and relax. Work is also done when our brains are at ease and we have time to reflect.

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  1. Well composed post on self motivation..recently I too did a post on the same ..but I like your points here..😊👍🏻

    1. Thanks! Happy writing!

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