Swap: “In spite of” with “In light of”

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To improve emotional intelligence you need to continually work on evolving our thoughts. This involves switching current, low vibrational thoughts with thoughts of a more productive and higher level. Thought replacement is advocated by mental health resources and influencers alike and they seem to share the same bad advice over and over again making us go in circles with no results.

Current advice is to stop the thought, but that’s futile. We can’t forcefully stop a thought like we can’t stop our heart from beating. We may be able to push it away with effort, but we are eventually going to be thinking it again.

The idea is simple, we swap out our current, low vibrational thoughts with more productive thoguhts.

First: We need to acknowldge the thought. Sometimes thoughts are automatic

now I am giving yu a how to in order to stop the confusion. , yet there are very limited resources telling us how to practice this very important This is going to require repetition and constant reminders to help us break bad habits.

Since most of us have not been taught to love ourselves and since we live in a society that does not encourage self love Low self-esteem and low self-worth can manifest as low vibrational thoughts. Common example are if we think we do not add value to relationships or that we are lucky someone loves us “despite of” who we are. What we should consider is that people like us because of who we are.

This is also true with business and can contribute to imposter syndrome. We may feel we are lucky to have a job “despite” not having certain qualifications or maybe even just “despite” being who we are, when really we were hired in light of our accomplishments and abilities!

I understand that it may feel uncomfortable to acknowledge that people like us for who we are. When crippled with self doubt and anxiety it can be difficult to see just how awesome we truly are. But it’s time to face the music, people like you for you and you’re going to have to deal with it.

On the opposite end, there are people who will not like you for who you are — not everyone is going to get along — it’s a reality of life. To be frank, there are people who I am happy don’t like me. It’s nothing personal, I just know we aren’t a good fit and that’s OK.

It’s awesome to find people we connect with. Allow yourself to connect. Remind yourself that you add value. If you are faced with someone who tells or treats you that you are lucky they like you or lucky you have a job, it’s time to create some distance and regroup.