Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

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Emotional intelligence (EQ) involves understanding and managing emotions. (Learn more about that here). The term has become somewhat of a buzz word in people leadership and HR . However, the concept is a serious one and emotional intelligence in the workplace brings a lot of benefits.

Topics covered in this article:
Why Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace Is Important
Benefits of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
Current State of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Why EQ in the Workplace Is Important

Human’s have emotions. We can’t just shut them off. While we can learn to manage and control them, it’s impossible to reject them for 40 hours a week. As a result people are becoming worn down, depressed and have lower life and job satisfaction.

When we have a better understanding of our emotions and how to work through them (and utilize them) effectively we are more productive. And we will find more satisfaction in our jobs.

Benefits of EQ in the Workplace

EQ in the workplace has benefits for both employees and employers:

Benefits Employees

Job Satisfaction
Life Satisfaction
Higher Salary
More Promotions
More Opportunity & Growth
Better Leadership Skills

Benefits Organizations

Better Management & Leaders
Happier Employees
More Productive Employees
Healthier Employees (less stress)
Better Culture
Reduced Turnover

Current State of EQ in the Workplace

Emotions are stifled and unwelcome in the work place. Some emotions less stigmatized than others. For example, a man pounding on a desk is more accepted as he is “impassioned”. While a woman crying at work is not given such an acceptable spin and can be considered unprofessional.

Unless, the emotions are considered good for production. HR managers love passionate candidates. It is socially acceptable to express passion towards your area of focus at work. If it is passion to do work then we are encouraged to have that. If it is frustration or discomfort, we are encouraged to reject it.

Company are catching on and realizing emotional intelligence is imperative in the workplace. Studies are being conducted and the numbers are in. It is clear that focus on EQ in the workplace is just good business. Some organizations are including EQ tests in their hiring practices and creating a more emotionally inclusive culture.

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