5 Common beliefs that limit you

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The concept of limiting beliefs is gaining traction. It is also becoming a buzzword in the self-help circuit.

I see a lot of genuinely intentioned people who want to build empowerment and thrive. And I also see a lot of resources that discuss limiting beliefs in a very limited way.

It’s like the people who wrote the resources are reporters who wrote about severing but never actually severed. There’s a tremendous difference!

So as someone who has actually pinpointed and overcame (and is still actively overcoming) limiting beliefs, I want to help you actually overcome yours.

Here are 5 non-generic limiting beliefs you may have never realized are holding you back.

1. Limiting Belief: “You Ain’t Nobody ‘Til You Got Somebody” Demi Lovato

Yes, the musician who advocates for mental health sings songs with lyrics that can damage your mental health.

It’s extremely limited to think you need to find someone or that you need someone else to make your life valuable. You are someone. You have worth. Your relationship status does not define your worth.

2. Limiting Belief: Emotions are Weakness

I cried the other day and then I wasn’t able to open a door because my emotions made me so weak… said no one ever.

It does not work that way. Emotions are human. All humans have emotions. So if someone thinks emotions are weak, then they think humans are weak a.k.a. they think they are weak.

Emotions are strength. But as with all things, emotions need boundaries. We shouldn’t be vulnerable to just anyone.

3. Limiting Belief: It’s All or Nothing

All-or-nothing thinking is a common cognitive distortion.

And when we think in all-or-nothing terms, we can forget that life is complex. So while it may feel like things will never work out. Or it may feel like no one cares, that is simply not the case.

It’s important to see the middle ground and to allow life to be complex. When we see life from a less ridged lens, we can appreciate all that it offers. Meaning, we stop limiting ourselves.

4. Limiting Belief: You Need to Accomplish a Certain Goal in Order to Be Confident

Many people limit themselves because they feel they need to accomplish a goal to be confident. But the opposite is actually true. Because we build confidence while we are working to achieve or accomplish goals.

Learn more about that here: Ep2: Benefits of Building Confidence

5. Limiting Belief: You Are Broken

Another limiting belief that artists love! But it is simply the fact that we are not broken. No one is broken, and no one has broken you.

Thinking you are broken is extremely limiting.

It’s like opening the IKEA box and expecting the dresser to already be put together. The dresser isn’t broken; it needs to develop.

Learn more about that here: Ep7: When You Tell Yourself This You Limit Yourself and Destroy Your Confidence

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