Write a letter to your 100-year-old self

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Hey girl hey!

Wow, 100! You’re old as fuckkkkk! How them knees? I’m sure you are still rocking it and looking fab. Do we still have that Italian wool coat, I love that thing!

Still knocking boots? How are the zaddies keeping up? hehe, don’t answer, I’ll find out for myself in time.

Glad we made it to 100, all this healthy eating and exercising was worth it—you’re welcome.

Anyway, we’re currently in the, “think I’m finally ready for a relationship,” era. Remember that? LMAO, it’s a fucking hot mess. Living in the city house and just got laid off. Starting our business in excitement as to what’s to come. I can’t imagine how wonderful everything turns out and we cry tears of joy every day thinking about it.

I’m so proud of us and I wish I was there so I could hug you, or would that be weird?

Anyway, not much to say. Wish you could write back and tell me what to avoid, but the mistakes we made along the way got us to where you are, and I know you are happy, so I’ll leave you here.

Love you,

PS: I’m enclosing the most recent version of the workbook we worked on. Figured you’ll get a kick out of how far we came.

PPS: Tomorrow is the day we say “no” to the dude who tried to bate and switch us into working for free. Hope you enjoy the memory of it as much as I am going to enjoy it!

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