How would you rate your confidence level?

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Not to answer a question with a question…. but to answer a question with a question, confidence in what?

Identifying one’s “confidence level” is limiting and unproductive. If you think you have x confidence level, then you anchor yourself there.

This may seem like semantics, but it is a very important distinction because confidence fluctuates and no one is 100% confident in everything all the time.

Am I confident I can do an algebra question from a high school textbook, lol, no.

Am I confident I can pick out the people with the lowest self-esteem? Sure, they are the people acting like they are confident.

Am I confident I can eat that entire slice of chocolate cake? Well, how big is it and how hungry am I?

Confidence is having trust in yourself and your abilities.

Be 100% confident that if you work towards something, you can achieve it. Then allow your confidence to wax and wane in other areas of your life.

When you give yourself permission to not be confident all the time, you give yourself a safe space to build confidence. You gotta start somewhere, and you’ll show self-respect and get respect from others when you confidently acknowledge that you aren’t confident in a specific area.