It’s not Mondays that suck, it’s your mentality around Mondays that does

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For a lot of people Sunday evenings bring a sense of dread. The impending start of another workweek triggers anxiety (a.k.a. the “Sunday scaries”). The surge of negative emotions and anxiety around Mondays cloud what could be otherwise be an awesome Sunday night.

This negativity can then affect your entire week, which can lead to even bigger problems. 

If you dread Mondays (get the Sunday scaries), it is crucial to recognize that it’s not Mondays themselves that suck; rather, it is your mentality and perspective surrounding Mondays that does.

This negative perspective can not only impact Monday, it can negatively affect the entire week. And since unhealthy mindsets are typically a sign of something deeper, it is likely affecting every aspect of your life. 

Reduce the anxiety and dread and transform your relationship with Mondays by adopting a healthy mindset.

Why all the Monday hate? 

You can get a new perspective by outlining what you don’t like about Mondays. After that, work on removing, reducing, changing, or accepting what you dislike. 

Don’t like your job? Ok, how can you make it more tolerable? If it is really that bad, then the bar is low and there is bound to be something better out there. Go find it. 

Dread the commute? OK, can you work-from-home on Mondays or leave earlier or later to avoid traffic? If not, work on acceptance and making the commute easier with your favorite music, calling a friend, listening to a comedian or books on tape. 

Focus on the present

Typically people are super excited for Friday and dread Monday even though both days are work days. The reason for the Friday love and Monday hate is expectation and anticipation. People aren’t living in the present moment.

Focusing on the future is creating anxiety and robbing them of what could otherwise be a wonderful and relaxing Sunday evening. Focus on being happy in the present moment and you will approach moments in the future with more happiness, which will make them easier to navigate. 

Stop revolving your life around work

Not only an indication of an unhealthy mindset, Monday hate is also indicative of poor work-life balance. Because if you hate Mondays (or have the Sunday scaries) you are likely defining your life by your work.  

Yes, on days you work, you are less likely to do things you want to do. But that does not mean work defines your life. You are not a hamster on a Sunday to Monday wheel. Your life as a steady stream, not a closed circle. Focus on what you learn along the way and know that days are just days. 

Some other helpful tips:

  • Embrace a shift in perspective. Rather than seeing Mondays as an unwelcome disruption, reframe them as a chance to set intentions, pursue goals, and make progress towards our aspirations. 
  • Find motivation and purpose. Consider using Mondays as a time to reflect on your goals and aspirations, both personally and professionally, and use Mondays as a catalyst for taking meaningful action. 
  • Practice self-care and preparation. Use Sundays to set yourself up for a smoother start to the week by preparing your work materials, planning your schedule, and organizing your thoughts.
  • Cultivate a positive morning routine. Embrace the power of a positive morning routine on Mondays to counter any lingering negativity. 
  • Connect with others. Seek opportunities to connect and collaborate with others on Mondays. By cultivating a sense of camaraderie and support, Mondays can become an opportunity for collaboration and shared success. 

The chill Sunday vibes

Sunday scaries are the result of dysfunctional thinking and negative associations with Mondays.

Remember, it’s not Mondays themselves that suck, but rather the mentality you bring to them.

Rather than allowing Mondays to bring you down, view them as just another day in the stream of life or as a chance for new beginnings, growth, and purpose.

With a productive mindset, Mondays can become a stepping stone to a fulfilling and successful week ahead. You never know, they could also be the very thing that forces you out of your comfort zone and brings you to better opportunities. 

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