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  • Image depicting a woman measuring her thighs after weight loss

    You’re likely overlooking this key aspect of successful weight loss and personal development

    Unrealistic dieting expectations Marketers in the diet industry will tell you losing weight is quick, easy and exciting. It’s not. Which is why a large majority of diets fail. Misleading marketing of is a staple of the self-help movement, creating unrealistic expectations. They set anyone who simply wants to lose weight or live a better…

  • Example of Emotional Reasoning in the Media

    You need to reject toxic advice in your environment if you want to achieve goals and mental wellness. Here’s an example.

  • The most important self-care you’re not doing… and it’s free!

    Free self-care can’t be commercialized so it isn’t publicized. But there something to be said for self-care that doesn’t cost a dime.

  • How to respond with empowerment to the sexist an inappropriate remarks about weight

    Recently a pastor gave a sermon where he said he thinks women need to dress a certain way and be a certain weight in order to please men. He also made jokes regarding female sexuality and women. The remarks are derogatory and a reflection of an outdated and ignorant temperament towards women. The comments also…

  • 3 common limiting beliefs you need to ditch ASAP

    A lot of common beliefs are negatively impactful. They encourage distorted thinking and can wreak havoc on our mental and emotional well-being. When we’re aware of the harmful thoughts, we can reframe them to improve our mindset. The first step is spotting the little suckers. Below are 3 common and culturally supported beliefs that negatively…