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  • #1 thing you need to know to build a growth mindset

    A lot of people want to change their mindset but don’t know where to begin. Start here.

  • Book review: The Four Agreements

    General information Book Name: The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal FreedomAuthor: Don Miguel RuizPublish Year: 1997Genre: Self-Help, Personal Growth, Spirituality Pages: 138Highlights: Over a decade on the NY Times Bestseller Lis. Translated into 46 languages Ruiz claims the four agreements are an ancient Toltec wisdom, that when used, will help those who practice…

  • The art of asking questions

    Information is power and when you ask questions you empower yourself. But the art of asking questions takes courage and needs to be learned. Here’s how.

  • The art of non-engagement

    Non-engagement is for anyone who wants to establish boundaries, find their personal power and be respected. Learn more here.

  • The power of words

    Words can take on many meanings and when we realize they only have the power we give them we take back OUR power.

  • 3 ways to overcome rejection confidently

    Simply put, rejection sucks. And while we may try to push it away or avoid it, we will constantly get rejected throughout our lives—no matter what we want. I mean, unless you lock yourself in your house and become a hermit. Anyway… Similar to other strong emotions, the best thing to do when feeling rejected…

  • The most important self-care you’re not doing… and it’s free!

    Free self-care can’t be commercialized so it isn’t publicized. But there something to be said for self-care that doesn’t cost a dime.

  • Saying no. How I did it and 7 tips to help you do it too

    Saying “no” can be self care. It can free us from being a disgruntled giver and improve every area of our lives. It can also help us form connections, get on the right frequency, and show ourselves that we are deserving. It’s self love y’all! “The greatest love of all.”- Whitney Houston Unfortunately, some of…

  • 5 step technique to help you gain clarity, build confidence and get unstuck

    Sometimes we need to take a step back to get unstuck. Use this simple technique to gain clarity and put yourself in the right direction.

  • 11 benefits of building self-confidence you probably didn’t realize

    When you build confidence in one area, it will positively influence other areas as well. Here are are 11 benefits you probably didn’t realize.