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  • Everyday Examples of All-Or-Nothing Thinking

    All-or-Nothing thinking is a way of thinking that makes you view things in extreme, often negative, ways. Common examples include sayings like, “I never feel happy; I always feel sad.” But all-or-nothing thinking goes beyond that. You pick up this way of thinking from what’s around you, so it’s crucial to notice it in everyday…

  • Are Overthinking Thoughts True?

    We’ve all been there—lying awake at night, mind racing with a thousand different thoughts. That awkward interaction from earlier in the day replaying in your mind, each time with a slightly different, more cringe-worthy ending. But are those overthinking thoughts actually true? Let’s look at some examples: The Job Interview You’ve just aced a job…

  • Why do most diet efforts fail?

    When you struggle to lose weight, it is only natural to wonder why most diet efforts fail. Most (practically all) diets focus on physical things: exercise regimens, and the newest trendy eating techniques. Let’s see how that has been working out for us: So, why do most diet efforts fail? Scientists are still puzzled by…

  • How Thoughts Impact Your Emotions, Behavior, and Health

    Thoughts have a substantial impact on what we do, how we feel, and our overall well-being. They can change how we see things, drive our behaviors, and even affect our physical health. Here’s why they are so powerful: Thoughts Drive Emotions Your thoughts directly influence how you view and interpret the world and your place…

  • It’s not that everyone cheats, your thoughts are distorting your perception

    Cheating is not universal behavior. When you remove the limiting belief that “everyone cheats” you reduce the stress that comes with it.

  • If you could permanently ban a word from general usage, which one would it be? Why?

    Get to know Lyndsey, owner of Getty, Set Go, as she answers writing prompts from Wordpress

  • The Importance of Investing in Your Career and Mission

    It is imperative to continually invest in your career and mission so you can find direction, fulfillment and purpose in life.

  • Why You Need Relationships and Connections

    The idea of being “self made” is glamorized. We are told Kylie Jenner is a self-made billionaire. And other rich people tote they are self-made as a badge of honor and pride. But no one is actually self-made. Because while someone can achieve success with hard work and effort, they were never by themselves. They…

  • Investing in Your Mental Health Brings High Returns

    Taking care of your mental health is self-care. It will help you lead a more fulfilling and balanced life.

  • Physical Health is a Fundamental Aspect of Self-Investment

    While each individual has a different level of physical health, the goal is to reach your personal best without comparing yourself to others.