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We have several books in the works and would love to hear your stories about the topics we are covering. Sharing your story has the power to change lives and will help readers who are going through similar struggles feel less alone.

Please read the submission guidelines and FAQ and then fill out the submission form below.

Why are you asking for stories? How will my story help?

Sharing your story helps you and others.

Working on personal development, self-care or mental wellness can be very lonely. Sharing your story will help others feel less alone and give them the encouragement to keep going. It can also help someone reduce feelings of shame by seeing they aren’t the only one who did that “stupid” mistake.

If your story has a positive ending, it can help others see firsthand that it can get better. If you are still a work in progress, like-minded people who are a work in progress too will see your story and feel connected.

When you share your story, you benefit by reliving positive feelings that came from the occurrence and release negative emotions that revolve around the situation.

How does the submission process work?

After submitting your story, using the contact form below, we will review it for fit. If your story is a good fit you will receive a congratulations email from with further instructions.

What makes a story a good fit?

To be a good fit a story needs to check the following:

  • non-fiction
  • 1200 words or less
  • exclude political or religious topics
  • written in 1st person by someone 18 years or older
  • have a beginning, middle and end
  • excludes personally identifiable information like social security numbers and bank account informaiton
  • previously unpublished (except for personal blog); and
  • relate to the topic of the book.

For instance, a story about managing feelings of inadequacy after starting a new job will be a great fit for the “imposter syndrome” book.

Some other aspects that contribute to a good fit and compelling story are:

  • sharing raw emotions and how you were feeling
  • setting the scene and giving important details
  • using the 5 senses to create vivid details
  • writing from the heart
  • writing in present tense
Will I be paid for my submission?

We do not pay for submissions. If we publish your story in one of our books, you will receive a free copy of the book it was published in with a note from the author.

Will any of my personal information be shared?

No. We will not use any information you provide in the submission form except your first name and your personal story. If you would like to go by a pseudonym please select “yes” under the “pseudonym” option and a pseudonym will be assigned in place of your name.

Where will my submission be included?

Once approved, we may share submissions on the website and social media posts. If accepted into the book, stories will be viewable by readers of the book and may be included on the website and social media posts.

Can I submit more than one story?

Of course! You may submit more than one piece to each topic. If you have a story you think fits two or more topics below, submit it under the primary category of your choice and then let us know in the “additional comments” section what other topic you think it matches.

What if I want to share my story but I don’t see a suitable topic?

If you have a great story or poem to submit but it doesn’t fit with any of the topics below, please submit it under the “others” option. 

Will my story be edited?

Our goal is to keep the original form of the story as much as possible. Stories may be reduced for brevity or reorganized for clarity.

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