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  • The Should Thinking Trap. How to Break Free With Real-Life Solutions

    Ever found yourself caught in the “Should Thinking” trap? Wondering what the “Should Thinking” trap is and if it’s holding you back? Let’s break it down and explore how this thinking trap can affect real-life situations. The Should Thinking Trap  A thinking trap is a pattern of thought where you get stuck in unhealthy ways…

  • Why do most diet efforts fail?

    When you struggle to lose weight, it is only natural to wonder why most diet efforts fail. Most (practically all) diets focus on physical things: exercise regimens, and the newest trendy eating techniques. Let’s see how that has been working out for us: So, why do most diet efforts fail? Scientists are still puzzled by…

  • How Thoughts Impact Your Emotions, Behavior, and Health

    Thoughts have a substantial impact on what we do, how we feel, and our overall well-being. They can change how we see things, drive our behaviors, and even affect our physical health. Here’s why they are so powerful: Thoughts Drive Emotions Your thoughts directly influence how you view and interpret the world and your place…

  • perspective and uncontrolled thoughts

    Why uncontrolled thoughts are deadlier than murder

    While everyone has dysfunctional thoughts to a certain degree, when they are uncontrolled, they become a root cause of depression, anxiety and stress. You start to lose hope and lose your motivation and zest for life.

  • #1 thing you need to know to build a growth mindset

    A lot of people want to change their mindset but don’t know where to begin. Start here.

  • Limiting Belief: I’m Not Enough

    Growth Mindset: There is nothing wrong or shameful in masturbating.

  • How to Not Let People Provoke You 

    Recently saw a quote shared on Instagram: “If someone succeeds in provoking you, realize that your mind is complicit in the provocation. “ -Epictetus The original poster suggests “the next time you feel terribly offended or outraged about something, think about this quote by Epictetus,” and “don’t let them bate you or make you upset.” …

  • Limiting Belief: Masturbation is Sin

    Growth Mindset: There is nothing wrong or shameful in masturbating.

  • It’s Okay To Change Your Mind

    Changing your mind can be really uncomfortable. But we need to get comfortable with uncomfortable if we want to be happier and less stressed.

  • 3 common limiting beliefs you need to ditch ASAP

    A lot of common beliefs are negatively impactful. They encourage distorted thinking and can wreak havoc on our mental and emotional well-being. When we’re aware of the harmful thoughts, we can reframe them to improve our mindset. The first step is spotting the little suckers. Below are 3 common and culturally supported beliefs that negatively…