Thought Books

Lovingly curated with you in mind, thought books are where complex psychological and philosophical concepts are transformed and modernized with a fresh perspective from someone who’s been there. 

They include proven, science-backed techniques that will help you uncover unhelpful attitudes and mental blockers that are keeping you stuck so you can stop self sabotaging behaviors and achieve goals like getting better sleep and improving your mental health. 

So now instead of sorting through massive amounts of information or trying the next gimmick that doesn’t work, you’ll direct your attention to where it really matters and see results.

How it works

Each thought book is written with a specific goal in mind like helping you stop overthinking, get better sleep, loose weight, reduce unhelpful thought patterns, etc. They help you focus on the root of the issue and uncover thought habits that are holding you back while introducing you to difficult challenges in an inviting and easily understandable way.

Each thought book includes:

  • An introduction specific to the goal of the thought book
  • Original techniques and curated prompts that will help you uncover blockers
  • Real life examples of those who have been there
  • Tips and techniques that set you up for success
  • Additional prompt pages for repeated use
  • Easy to digest explanations of the science behind the scenes

When you understand the root of the issue you will be better able to solve it. And when you put put pen to paper you challenge the past beliefs that kept you stuck.