Are Overthinking Thoughts True?

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We’ve all been there—lying awake at night, mind racing with a thousand different thoughts. That awkward interaction from earlier in the day replaying in your mind, each time with a slightly different, more cringe-worthy ending. But are those overthinking thoughts actually true?

Let’s look at some examples:

The Job Interview

You’ve just aced a job interview, but the doubts start creeping in. “Did I talk too much? Did I sound confident enough? Maybe they didn’t like my choice of outfit.” These thoughts can snowball, leaving you convinced that you’ve already lost the opportunity. But pause for a moment. Are these thoughts based on concrete evidence? Probably not. The interviewers might have appreciated your enthusiasm and your outfit may not have mattered as much as you think.


Your partner hasn’t replied to your text in hours, and your mind spirals into a whirlwind of negative possibilities. “Are they mad at me? Did I say something wrong?” These thoughts can push you to type and retype messages that you never end up sending. But consider this: maybe they’re just busy, sleeping or contemplating how to best respond to your message. Jumping to conclusions might only add fuel to an imaginary fire.

Social Awkwardness

You remember an embarrassing moment from last week’s dinner party. “Did everyone notice how I stumbled over my words? Did I sound stupid?” These thoughts can make you swear off social gatherings for good. But think about it—how many times have you noticed such minor slips in others and held them against someone? Chances are, the answer is never.

Are Overthinking Thoughts True

Overthinking thoughts often stray far from reality. They can be rooted in our insecurities and fears rather than actual facts. It’s important to remember that our minds have a tendency to exaggerate the negative, making us believe the worst-case scenarios, even when they’re improbable.

Next time you catch yourself over-analyzing, take a step back. Ask yourself if there is any evidence to support your thoughts. Often, the simple act of questioning the validity of repeat thoughts can bring relief. Remind yourself, reality is less dramatic and more forgiving than your negative thoughts make it out to be.

So, to answer the question, “Are overthinking thoughts true?”—well, not usually. They’re more like small reminders of our fears and insecurities created by an anxious mind. Learning to recognize and challenge these thoughts is important for a more balanced and peaceful state of mind. It’s time to give yourself the benefit of the doubt and trust that reality is often kinder than you think.

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