How Thoughts Become Things

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Have you ever thought about something and then, boom, it happened? Maybe you reached a goal, started a new relationship, or stumbled upon an exciting opportunity. It might seem like it’s just luck, but what you think actually has a big impact on what happens your life. When you understand how thoughts become things, you can use this to your advantage.

Let’s break it down.

Thoughts become things

Understanding how thoughts turn into real-life can be tricky. Some people make it sound like magic or some secret skill you need to have, but really, it’s pretty simple.

  1. Your thoughts affect how you feel
  2. How you feel affects what you do
  3. What you do affects what happens (your results)

Here’s an easy example:

  1. Say, you want to reach a goal, but you keep thinking you’ll never make it. That makes you feel hopeless.
  2. Feeling hopeless leads to inaction. You don’t try hard to reach your goal because you think there is no hope of reaching it.
  3. You don’t put in the effort, you won’t reach your goal and you get stuck.

On the flip side, if you think you can reach your goal, you’ll put in the effort and get better results. While positive thinking doesn’t guarantee success, it does make it more likely.

Here’s a more in-depth example:

Imagine you wake up late. Instead of feeling defeated, you think, “I really needed that sleep. Even though I woke up late, I can still get a lot done!” Before you know it, you’re smashing through your to-do list and feeling like the queen/king of productivity.

Now imagine waking up late and thinking, “ugh, I messed up the day.” Even though you still have time to be productive, you believe you can’t do it. So, you end up binge-watching TV, feeling guilty about wasting time, and maybe even grabbing a drink. The next day, the cycle repeats.

Your life is shaped by what you think

You might wonder how you previously thought something into existence without even realizing it. Chances are you thought something, believed it, felt good about it, and then got inspired to take action, which led to your results.

We call this “flow” – when things seem to effortlessly fall into place. The opposite of flow is when your thoughts don’t match your goals. Your mind gets jumbled and stops you from taking thoughtful actions. It’s like having a messy room. It blocks your decision-making and leads to procrastination, except this time, the mess is in your mind.

Some people say that if you simply think about something, it’ll happen. That would be awesome, but it’s not how it works. Just thinking isn’t enough. To make the most of your thoughts, you have to set positive goals, challenge your doubts, picture success, and take action.

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