Thoughts Versus Feelings

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Ever feel confused, not knowing if what you’re thinking is the same as what you’re feeling? Have you wondered how to tell the difference between your thoughts and feelings? It’s a common struggle that can make anyone feel mixed up. But don’t worry. Here we’ll talk about thoughts versus feelings so you can tell the difference.

Let’s start with thoughts

Thoughts are like notifications, and their overall goal is to keep you safe and comfortable. They alert you to data that you pick up from your senses (sight, tough, smell, etc.) This may sound confusing, but it is actually pretty simple.

For instance, with your sense of touch you get notified of how comfortable your clothes feel. If they are uncomfortable you might think, “damn, let me take these jeans off and put on some sweatpants.”

Your thoughts shape how you interpret situations and make sense of the world. You are aware of your thoughts via your inner voice. Some thoughts are unconscious, so you are not aware of them. For example, if you wear comfortable clothes, after a while you won’t notice them because they go to your unconscious awareness.


Scientists have discovered that our emotions are often caused by our thoughts.” Basically, feelings are the reactions you have to your thoughts. This means you can perceive and feel differently about a situation depending on the thoughts you have about it.

For example, think about someone complimenting you. If you think their compliment is genuine, you will probably feel happy and proud. The compliment felt good. But if you think they didn’t mean it, you might feel doubt or even feel bad about yourself.

Or imagine someone getting a car for their birthday. Someone from a family who doesn’t have a lot of money will like a car that’s 5 years old. While someone who comes from an affluent family will probably think they need something brand new to be happy.

Differentiating thoughts from feelings

Knowing the difference between thoughts and feelings can help you realize when your thoughts influence how you feel.

It also helps you check if your thoughts match how you really feel or if you’re just feeling what you think you should. For example, if you’re making a tough decision, take a pause to think about how you truly feel. This can show if you really want something or if you’re just feeling that way because you think you should.

In the end, thoughts and feelings are important in our lives. Knowing how they’re different can help you keep things balanced. It will also help you build important skills like self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Next time you feel confused, remember that figuring out what is a thought and what is a feeling is the first step to feeling better.

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