Want to Reduce Stress and Stop Overthinking? Try This.

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If you want to reduce stress and stop overthinking you need to stop defining yourself by your thoughts and your emotions.

Unfortunately, most people do just that without even realizing it.

For example: “I’m angry” or “I feel it, so it must be true.”

It’s become an unconscious habit.

The good news is that this habit can be replaced with a healthier thought process that will help you rise to a higher level.

In this article we’ll discuss the core societal belief that encourages you to define yourself by your thoughts and emotions. Then I’ll show you a technique you can use to overcome it and rise to a higher level of consciousness.

You’re gonna love it! I’m super excited to show this to you!

A Higher Level of Consciousness

A higher level of consciousness is a new pattern of thinking that will elevate your current mindset. It will help you reduce stress and stop ruminating thoughts.

When you rise to this higher level you will ease uncomfortable feelings, gain resiliency and the ability to overcome difficulties. You’ll also have more appreciation and fulfillment. And you’ll find a wholeness.

You’ll no longer be annoyed or terrorized by your own thoughts. And you will see your emotions as an asset, not a detriment.

You’ll be “woke” as the cool kids say… do they say that? Am I now the old head trying to be hip? … I digress.

I Think, Therefore…

We all know the saying “I think, therefore I am.” It means that we know we exist because we have thoughts. So essentially, you are your thoughts.

But there’s another layer.

In the early 1900s, a philosopher named Sartre suggested that in order for us to know we are thinking we need to be aware of the thoughts first. Boom!

Kind of like you need to know you’re dreaming to realize you’re in a dream. Or that you need to know there’s such a thing as being underpaid to know that you’re underpaid.

So if we want to rise to a higher level of consciousness we need to stop saying “I think therefore I am.” And instead, say: “I think therefore I am awareness.”

Unfortunately, “I think therefore I am,” is the foundation of philosophical study (and a Billie Eilish song). It’s became a core cultural belief. Meaning it defines the thought patterns of society for generations.

This all leads to negative thought patterns like emotional reasoning. Which is when we define ourselves by our thoughts. So “I think therefore I am” has evolved into “I feel it is, therefore it is.”

Most people are unaware that they operate by this outdated and incorrect belief. It’s keeping them stuck and making them MISERABLE. It keeps them from rising to a higher level of consciousness.

I Think Therefore I Am Awareness

Technically, you are the awareness of the awareness of the awareness, in an indefinite track. But we’ll simplify it and say you are the awareness of your thoughts.

And just like you are the awareness of your thoughts, you are also the awareness of your feelings. You are not your feelings. (Take that emotional reasoning *boom* *pow*!)

First and foremost, a person is a being. And that being is an energy—not a thought and not a feeling. And not a bad choice and not a skin color, or hair color, or gender or whatever else.

So someone who is depressed or anxious is actually acknowledging feelings of depression and acknowledging feelings of anxiety. They are not depression or anxiety.

It may seem trivial, but putting this buffer and additional layer is life changing. This perspective helps you ask the important questions. It also helps you to find a wholeness and love for yourself and your being. And it stops you from identifying with your emotions or feeling any shame for having them.

Example of Awareness of Thoughts & Emotions

I started an experiment and for two weeks I would say, “I am the acknowledgment.” So, if I was angry I wouldn’t say “I’m angry.” I would say, “I am acknowledging feelings of anger.”

Just with this simple tweak, I felt grounded. I separated myself from the feeling. Questioned, why am I feeling angry? Uncovered why I felt angry and I worked through it.

Sometimes I let the anger go— it wasn’t worth it. Other times I realized I had a right to be angry and if I wasn’t angry, I wouldn’t be standing up for myself. That felt good too.

Same thing with happiness. When I felt happy, I didn’t think “I’m happy.” I thought, “I’m acknowledging feelings of happiness.” And that simple tweak made me consider what was making me feel happy. And then I did more of that thing.

It helped me with emotional reasoning. After I eat a cheat meal or a cookie, I used to feel guilty, like I did something bad. Now, I stop myself. Acknowledged I was currently acknowledging feelings of guilt. Considered why, and realized that I was being too tough on my diet.

I eat mostly healthy and there is no need to feel guilty. Had it been the other way around, had I been eating an unhealthy diet with poor moderation, I would have then used those feelings as a push towards making better eating decisions.

Seeing life from this new perspective changed my life. I am a being. A beautiful being worthy of love and deserving of respect. I am not my feelings, and I am not my thoughts.

Did I mention I sometimes cry tears of joy? I literally feel so content my eyes leak.

The Difference Is in the “I”

“I” statements are powerful. They are identifying statements. And when we identify with something, we hold that identity close. It is a powerful belief that can determine our actions and the results we get, which can determine the entire output of our life.

So be very mindful of how you identify yourself. Just like you wouldn’t call someone who has cancer, “cancer.” You should not call yourself of others who have depression, “depressed”.

You are not angry, you are acknowledging feelings of anger. You are not happy, you are acknowledging feelings of happiness.

You are actually a being who is grounded in center and balance. But unfortunately, the current culture does not support this. We are taught otherwise, and we are directed away from our true self.

All of this creates an environment in which we are not well equipped to acknowledge the powerful feelings that result from the environment.

It’s a catch 22.

A negative, repetitive loop that you need to throw a wrench in if you want to thrive.

Welcome to Your New Level of Consciousness

Rising to the higher level of consciousness is your birthright. However, a lot of people still reject it.

So when you go into the world with this new belief, some people may not be receptive. Remember, they are doing the best they can with what they have. They will rise to consciousness when it’s their time, when they are ready.

Keep the focus on yourself and your awareness. You know now that you are the awareness of your thoughts and feelings. You are NOT your thoughts and you are not your feelings. Incorporate this new belief into your mindset with repetition.

And remind yourself that life is constant improvement. The more you learn, the more you realize you don’t know. This may sound scary, but it’s actually amazing. You are opening yourself up to a new world and you’ll be better for it.

Welcome to your new level of consciousness! I’m Lyndsey and I’ll be your guide. Please keep all hands, arms and feet inside the ride… I’ll let myself out.

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