Limiting Belief: Masturbation is Sin

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Growth Mindset: There is nothing wrong or shameful in masturbating.

A societally accepted limiting belief that affects many people is the bullshit idea that “masturbation is sin,” or that “God hates masturbation,” or “you should be ashamed if you masturbate.”

This belief is limiting because if we feel shame for a naturally occurring part of our body, then we feel shame for being human. And since we are human, then we feel shame for simply existing.

Walking around with a constant feeling of shame ingrained into your psyche isn’t very motivating. It’s definitely not going to bring any kind of happiness.

So remember, just like having the urge to eat when hungry is not shameful, having the urge for sexual release when feeling sexual tension is also not shameful.

In fact, some doctors state: “It’s time to start thinking of self pleasure as self-care.” (Read more here.)

Multiple studies have shown that people who orgasm often (through masturbation or sex): live longer, are healthier, happier, look younger, and are better able to manage stress and sleep.

There are a lot of benefits to orgasms. And you limit yourself when you shut yourself off from the benefits due to shame. If it’s not your thing, then it’s not your thing. But don’t let shame that isn’t yours to carry hold you back.