It’s not that everyone cheats, your thoughts are distorting your perception

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  • People cheat for short-term benefits. It’s a reality of life. Hearing about cheating can make you think it’s more common than it is.
  • Cheating is not universal behavior. Some people never cheat, and some people are never cheated on.
  • When you remove the limiting belief that “everyone cheats” you open yourself up to attracting the loving, faithful relationship you want.

Identifying the dysfunctional thought

People cheat. It’s a choice made by those who prioritize short-term benefits over ethical principles. And it’s a reality of life. You or someone you know might have been cheated on, you might see cheating depicted in TV and movies, you might hear about cheating stories on the news or social media. 

When you hear people are being cheated on, it brings your attention to cheating, which may lead you to be aware of and focus on stories of people cheating. Kind of like the phenomenon of “don’t think of a red car” and then you are thinking of a red car. Soon you might think everyone cheats or you might flat out have people tell you that everyone cheats.

Even though it does not feel natural to you, you may even debate cheating yourself because you are so convinced everyone does it.

Challenging the dysfunctional thought

Despite what people on social media, your best friend or the jaded stranger at the bar might say, cheating is not a universal behavior. And if you think you’ve never met anyone who has never cheated, hey there, nice to meet you. I’ve definitely cheated on a diet, but I’ve never cheated on a person. It doesn’t feel right to me.

I love an intimate connection with someone and if I had any thoughts of cheating, I wouldn’t act on them. I would either talk to my partner about it or I would realize it is a sign the relationship is no longer a good fit for me. 

There are people who are in happy relationships who have never cheated and there are people who have never been cheated on. You know a few, and you would see them if you just looked.  

Typically statistics will help challenge a dysfunctional thought. Most articles say 25% of men and 13% of women while one said 75% of men. It’s all hearsay and there are different definitions of cheating. Whatever the case, it is not everyone. 

Identify how removing the dysfunctional thought will benefit you

Thinking “everyone cheats” is not only hurting you, it is hurting the person who would be faithful and love and appreciate you. It is keeping you from getting the love you want, it is making you miserable and skewing your perception of reality. 

When you give yourself a chance, and stop thinking “everyone cheats”, you open yourself up to finding love and the relationship that you want. Reduce this limiting belief to see the world more clearly and attract a faithful partner.

You were with the cheater for a reason. Think of the good qualities they had that you would like in your next partners. And think of what you are excited for and how happy you will be with your new love.

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