Physical Health is a Fundamental Aspect of Self-Investment

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Physical health has a major impact on your overall wellbeing. It affects your energy levels, your ability to manage stress, your mental clarity, your ability to focus, and your overall happiness.

Focusing on your physical health will result in a higher quality of life where you are better prepared to face challenges. While each individual has a different level of physical health, the goal is to reach your personal best without comparing yourself to others.

On the same level on the self-investment pyramid as mental health, physical health is foundational and affects every area of your life. A reality of life not commonly talked about is how a decline in physical health can create a negative spiral.

So if you twist your ankle and can no longer go running you might gain weight and lose the positive effects of running on your mental health. This can lead to a lack of energy to do stretches to heal the twisted ankle. And overcompensation when you walk to avoid the ankle can lead to muscle tightness and discomfort all the way up your back to your shoulders.

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Positive Impact of Investing in Physical Health

Regular physical activity helps improve muscle strength and endurance, and can help to reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases. And a healthy diet can help to support your body’s immunity and keep your energy levels balanced. Taking care of your physical health is an important part of overall wellbeing.

A positive relationship with your physical health will translate positively to other areas of your life. Because focusing on your physical health translates into greater confidence and self-esteem. A self-esteem that will help you take positive risks. And while most people think others are interested in skinniness, the average person does not focus on size and rather prefers a partner who prioritize their physical health.

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No matter your age or situation, it is never too late to start prioritizing your physical health. And investing in your physical health will create a positive impact in every area of your life. Even small differences like stretching can make a big change.

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