How has a failure, or apparent failure, set you up for later success?

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Most failure in my life has set me up for success because it showed me what I didn’t want and helped me change course to focus on what I want. For instance, fad diets. I failed at a few of them. Tired of trying to fit into an outfit by a specific date, it made me realize I didn’t want to chase quick weight loss.

From there, I made healthy eating and working out a habit. 10 years later, I still maintain that weight loss and I know all the clothes in my closet fit.

A similar thing happened with relationships. I thought I wanted a specific type of guy who had a certain look and lifestyle. My relationships kept falling short. And in the rubble of the failed relationships, I realized characteristics I wanted in a partner were more important that looks or lifestyle.

Same thing with work. I achieved my goal of being executive level at a Fortune 500, but I wasn’t doing well there. I had heartburn and an eye twitch, and it felt impossible to stay motivated. From the outside, it looked like I was failing. It was because I was miserable. Now, I am creating a business where I help people invest in themselves and improve their mental wellness and I am much happier.

Failure has also led me to a greater appreciation for what I have, because the things I now have are the things that make me feel fulfilled and successful.

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