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You’re likely overlooking this key aspect of successful weight loss and personal development

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  • Misleading marketing creates a mindset around dieting that destines you to fail
  • Successful weight loss looks different from how it is portrayed in the media
  • When you expect boredom to be part of weight loss you set yourself up for success

Unrealistic dieting expectations

Marketers in the diet industry will tell you losing weight is quick, easy and exciting. It’s not. Which is why a large majority of diets fail.

Misleading marketing of is a staple of the self-help movement, creating unrealistic expectations. They set anyone who simply wants to lose weight or live a better life up to fail before they start.

Not only are unrealistic expectations hurting you, it’s normalizing failure and making you feel you can’t succeed.

If you think you can’t keep weight off or succeed in self-development, know that you can. How do I know? Well, I’ve been maintaining a 40 lb weight loss for 10 years and I completely changed my mindset to reduce depression and anxiety. I’m not a superhuman, I just have a different perspective.

A fresh perspective

It’s not you, it’s them. Namely, the false narrative they sold you. And since you deserve to be happy and achieve your goals, it is time for a new narrative. And if you are going to do weight loss and personal development right, you need a new set of expectations. One of those expectations: boredom.

That’s right, prepare to be b-o-r-e-d.

What is Boredom?

Boredom is an emotion that occurs when you do something that is repetitive or unsatisfying. Think of a job that requires you to do the same task repeatedly—it’s boring, right? Boredom comes when we do not feel challenged. Which is why boredom gets a bad rep.

Boredom Isn’t Necessarily Bad

We’re sold the idea that we constantly need to be entertained and things need to be exciting or we are unsuccessful. But that’s far from the truth. If you’re bored at your job, it can push you to get a newer exciting one, or you can accept your job is boring and find excitement in other areas of life.

We’re also taught love and relationships need to be exciting. But finding someone who makes you happy, is loyal and you have a routine with, can be boring in a great way.

Boredom has amazing benefits, namely:

Things don’t always need to be exciting and loud. There are beautiful feelings and experiences waiting for you in the tranquility and peace that comes with slowness.

Successful Weight Loss & Boredom

When people hear I’ve been maintaining a 40 weight loss for 10 years, they are eager to know my “secret.” You’d be shocked at how quickly the conversation falls flat when I say, “consistency, repetition and being OK with being bored.”

Weight loss and personal development can be pretty boring. They’re repetitive. Unfortunately, the diet industry sells weight loss as being glamorous. You see flashy before and after pictures and think “yeah, I want that too!” And they tell you there are exciting “secrets” that will help keep the weight off, even though the simple methods still work best.

I’m currently on an 8 week body recomposition. Meaning, I am working to maintain the same weight while gaining muscle and losing fat. My trainer gave me a routine of 3-4 exercises I do 5 days a week.

It can get pretty boring. It might bore you reading about it. I’m kinda bored writing about it. But it works, so I stick with it, and I ease the boredom by listening to music and focusing on the excitement of results.

Rebranding Boring

There are amazing benefits to sitting with boredom and allowing yourself to not need constant distraction and excitement. The great news is that once you work through the initial boredom, you’ll settle in and start seeing results. You won’t feel as bored with the same old boring routine, and if you’re like me, you’ll love it!

Personal development and weight loss take time and repetition. If you stick with it, it works. So ditch the flashy and unrealistic expectations. Stick with the basics and prepared to be bored. All of this will help you feel confident, empowered and find happiness—which is the entire goal, isn’t it?

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